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by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, o.o.d

Spring has sprung!

Ah, springtime: season of young leaves, blooming buds and... new websites! We are very excited to share with you our new site filled with discussions and discoveries.

Our website offers you:

Fashion and technology

A tip of the iceberg overview of our collections of high-end frames and lenses. What you see here is only a hint of the marvels you'll find in our shops!


From Alexandria to Montreal: discover the story of Georges Laoun!


With exhibitions every month in both our shops, we have the pleasure of meeting so many amazing artists! Get to know them in our artists section.


In addition to exhibiting artwork, we host events featuring live musicians, actors and poets as well as film screenings. We also offer you the chance to meet our eyewear designers during trunk-show events. Check out our calendar often to stay in the loop of all our happenings!


Eyewear, arts and culture, health, fashion, environment... In short, we're passionate about life! Stay tuned every week for a new post (or two or three!) that is sure to inform and entertain.

What would you like us to write about? We're listening!

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