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by Patricia Dorval

Being a Woman is a Blessing!

Beauty Justice Happiness
photo: Beauty Justice Happiness


Do you still feel it, ladies? I ask because I have the sinking feeling that women no longer know, recognize and honour this fact!

We, today's women, have lost contact with the power of the feminine.
We, today's women, are bombarded with conflicting information and cultural influences that wish to press upon us a certain identity.

I feel that the most beautiful quality that comes out of being a woman, is that we are a multitude of things.

Reflecting upon womanhood at thirty-five years old, it is of this that I am most certain. Having grown up without a mother, my reference points were few.

Sometimes I try to define myself and I fail to. In one instant I am a tender woman; comprehending and maternal, who knows how to calm and reassure her progeny. In another, I'm a little spiritual warrior with a strong voice who is unafraid to defend her beliefs!

A real image of the godess Athena; who fought her battles with her wits rather than weapons. But be warned! There are days where I morph into Malcom X: " I want peace! By any means necessary!"

On my journey to becoming a complete woman, I realise this:

We are the heart, we are the pulse
From us, the world is born
Not surprising that we are heiresses to all this beauty
Since we must be well armed to support the world as it is.

Happy Women's Day, ladies!

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