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by Patricia Dorval

Food For Thought

photo: vegetable headpiece by Takaya, via


I am annoyed! I am annoyed by all the propaganda about nutrition.

These days, anyone can write a book of recipes or have their own shown, food networks abound and advertisers scream slogans such as: “we are what we eat”.

Why has eating organic become so fashionable, when less than a century ago, folks were tending to their own gardens and knew that the healthiest choices for their own bodies were also best for the planet? Why has eating simply, become the main concern of our societies?

We are in the age of nutritionism, moreover, we have created a new profession: the nutritionist. We humans are the only animal that needs someone else to tell us what, when and how to eat—the most primitive instinctive need of all—the only one! Next we will need someone to tell us to sleep on the left side of the bed, head facing west and feet south-west. A bit much, don’t you think?!

Eating can be pleasurable, of course, but it serves one primary function: to feed our bodies, to give us energy. I am not against combining pleasure with functionality, except that the pleasure component has taken over and grown to destructive proportions. Why?  Human nature; we began to associate food with all types of emotional states, turned everything upside down and now we need a support system to tell us what, when and how to eat.

I truly believe that our bodies communicate with us and that they send all the necessary signals for us to know what they need and what they don’t need! We are billions of people on this beautiful planet, and no two are alike, so we do not all have the same needs, either.

What upsets me in all of this is that we have lost our ability to listen to and to be aware of our bodies, our instinct. We were perfectly designed and were born with all the tools needed to provide for ourselves and to live a healthy lifestyle.

We have lost touch with our own basic nature as humans, and it would be best if we found it again.

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