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by Patricia Dorval

Groovy Glasses?

Google Glass
photo via: Google

What do Google and the family of i-products have in common? Project Glass—or “augmented-reality glasses”, if you prefer.
“Augmented reality” is what you will see with these glasses on; at breakfast, for example, the glasses will display your schedule and appointments for the day. Once you step outside, they serve as your own, private meteorologist, displaying ambient temperature, humidex and atmospheric pressure readings.

Someone is calling you? Their picture and a message appear in your periphery and you can choose to start talking.
Users at the mercy of public transportation will find that should the metro break down, Google Map will project an alternate route.

Let’s suppose as well that you are out for a walk when you come across a breathtaking panorama or a stunning scene; use your geared-up glasses to snap a photo and send it directly to your email, Facebook or Twitter account, for example.
These are but a few examples of what these famous ultra-modern montures are capable of. I tell you, with this technology,
Superman can put an “X” on his x-ray-eyed advantage!

Although there is no doubt that this new gizmo will enthrall technology and gadget aficionados, not everyone is quite as enthusiastic.

Some maintain that the Google glasses are clearly over the top. Others, while intrigued by the idea, are not sure if they would adopt such futuristic technology. The most paranoid among us see the technology as but another porthole for Big Brother to spy on us, to focus in on our lives, our activities and whereabouts.

Now, before you lose your mind and exile yourself to a deserted island, far away from the next viral craze, rest assured that the device is not yet market ready.

Is this just a Google ruse against Apple in an effort to eat away at that company’s industry dominance?
Ultimately, I do ask myself the following:

Are we going too far? Will this technology really “simplify” our lives or will it isolate us further? Will it deepen the divide between already not very conversational individuals? One thing is clear: do not Google Glass and drive! :)


Here is the official video for Google's Project Glass:

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