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by Patricia Dorval

I Love You, Mom!
Translated from French by: O! Traduction

It’s my birthday on Sunday, ha ha ha!
What? It’s your mother’s birthday too?
You too?

That’s right, Sunday May 13 is this Sunday and it’s a birthday for mothers around the world. We can thank all the goddesses of Antiquity for that.

The origins date back to ancient Greece, to their springtime ceremonies held in honour of mother-goddesses Rhea and Cybele. 15th century Brits celebrated “mothering Sunday” and in 1908, the US created what we know today as Mother’s day.

The city of Lyon, France held a mother’s day celebration in 1918 in honour of the mothers and wives who lost their boys and husbands during WWI. Two years later, a day to honour mothers of large families was declared and in 1929, Mother’s day was recognized by law under President Vincent Auriol. It would be celebrated each year on the fourth Sunday of May.

In the US, it was Anna Jarvis who, following the death of her mother, requested that Virginia State authorities declare a day to honour all the mothers of the world. She got her wish!

Once again this year, activities will be taking place all over town.

Our suggestions:

  • Montréal Biodôme: Bird Fest 2012. How many birds can you name? Don’t forget your binoculars!

  • Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec: Creative workshops for families. Crafts workshop offered at 2 pm. Reservations required: 514-747-7367 #7204

  • Montreal Science Centre: Star Wars Identities  exhibition. Imax theatre: a movie that “explores the parallels between our world and the world beneath the ocean“.

  • McCord Museum: Treasure hunt  (6 to 10 years) and workshops on self-expression through movement  (3 to 5 years)

  • Parc du Mont-Royal: Guided walk from the mountain to the river. From 10 am to 3pm. Begins at the Maison Smith and ends at the Old Port. Reservations required. 

•    Maison Théâtre: Le chant de la mer. Funny and touching theatre about water.

 That’s it! Rain or shine, there is so much to do!



Georges Laoun Opticien - Francis Klein
Anne-Marie Laoun--Mother of 3 daughters!-- is wearing jeweled Francis Klein sunglasses on a beach in Perpignan. Happy Mother's Day!! (photo: Sherif Laoun)

Georges Laoun Opticien - Francis Klein
Here's a closeup...

Georges Laoun Opticien - Francis Klein
...and an even better closeup!

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