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by Patricia Dorval

Festival Transamériques 2012

FTA Montreal
Translated from French by: O! Traduction


I say “FTA” and you say “what?”.

It's time you learned about FESTIVAL TRANSAMÉRIQUES. The prestigious Montreal dance and contemporary theatre festival is holding its sixth edition this year.

But what is this festival exactly and why is it so renowned?

Well, it’s been around since 1985 and has become one of the city’s major events. The festival features a variety of unusual, provocative creations and in just five years, has coproduced 36 works by Canadian and Quebecois artists. We knew we have lots of talent, but that is really impressive!

The festival has woven itself into the social fabric of the city, and Montrealers have been front-row-centre to a world stage.
The festival’s progressive bend encourages artists to bridge various styles and allows for a multifaceted team to combine ideas, talents and visions.  It is also a great springboard for those planning a career on stage or behind the scenes. Over the past 27 years, the festival has played a significant role in establishing Montreal as a cultural hub.

Attention contemporary dance and theatre buffs: you will get your fill of adrenaline kicks, unorthodox styles and eloquent visuals.

Be there from May 24 to June 9, 2012…the festival won’t be back for another two years. Carpe annum!



The jeweled sides of Judith Lieber frames add just enough drama to make anyone sparkle on stage:


Judith Lieber

Judith Lieber

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