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by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, o.o.d

All Chained Up

Chaines Filao

In all probability, the first eyeglass chains appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Used as a security measure against losing one's pince-nez (the precursor to modern frames), men and women wore cords, ribbons and chains. One century later, eyeglass chains evoke images of distinguished professors and senior citizens; reading glasses on the tip of the nose.

What would you say if I proposed that young or old, now is the time to revive this charming relic of eyewear history?

With the return to styles of fashion past, more and more fashionistas are opting to wear eyeglass chains for the sheer pleasure. Caroline Abram of Filao Paris designs fabulous treasures laced with multicoloured pearls and Swarovski crystals. Here are a few stunners:

chaine lunettes
Marie wears a Munic Eye Wear frame with champagne and merlot coloured Filao chain

chaines lunettes
Jennifer wears a Caroline Abram frame and bronzed Filao multi-chain

chaine lunettes
Jessie wears a Tipton frame with salmon and mauve coloured Filao chain

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