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by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, o.o.d

Fragonardesque frames by Dino Art

Dino Art

Designed in Switzerland by Dino Grossman and reminiscent of the colour and texture of old-fashioned candy, Dino Art frames are as refined and sophisticated as you can get. Sold exclusively at Georges Laoun Opticien in Quebec, you're sure to fall hopelessly in love with this collection that beckons daylight to dance on it's surface and reveal intricate patterns.

This is a softer side of this remarkable brand. To see colours with more punch as well as models for him, please click here.

Dino Art

The dreamy quality of these photos reminds me of the rococo works of Jean-Honoré Fragonard:

L'escarpolette - Fragonard
photo: The Swing, 1767, Jean-Honoré Fragonard via

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