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by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, o.o.d

Object of Desire: an interview with Ms Bocca from Face à Face

Face à Face

This week, we've managed to interview the seductive Ms Bocca! The star of the Face à Face sunglass collection speaks to us about her impressions of Montreal and reveals the secret to her ultra-sexy legs.

JLR - You began your career as a sunglass in Paris, where you were born. How did you manage to get a leg-up (excuse the pun) on your competition in this most iconic of fashion meccas?

BOCCA - It was tough at first... I was nothing but a dull and shapeless mass of acetate. I owe my career to Pascal Jaulent, artistic director at Face à Face, who believed in me and who transformed me into a limited edition model. It is hard to beleive that only 200 copies of myself exist in each of two available colour combinations (red/cream and black/red)!

Face à FAce

JLR - I've always admired Pascal Jaulent's creative chops. You're very lucky to have worked with him. What was his inspiration for your look?

BOCCA - Mr. Jaulent was one of several designers approached by Italian optical and design magazine LYF to create a frame inspired by a work of art. Jaulent drew his inspiration from the Mae West sofa created by the great surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí and created me in its image.

Face à Face

JLR - When did you debut your new style?

BOCCA - Last year, at the Silmo optical tradeshow. It was a huge success: I was nominated for the Silmo d'Or Prize! I was put up for auction in order to raise funds for the fight against trachoma, a disease of the eyes which can eventually lead to blindness.

JLR - An excellent cause. Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to leave Paris for Montreal?

BOCCA - I met Mylène Laoun, the buyer at Georges Laoun Opticien. She immediately offered me a spot in their coveted windows. I was told that Georges Laoun clients are often seeking unique eyewear like myself. Besides, I've always found Montreal to be an exceptionally vibrant city. There is always something to do here! I'm still mourning the end of this year's International Jazz Festival, but the summer is far from over!

Face à Face

JLR - Our readers would like to know how you got such sexy legs.

BOCCA - Since I'm completely handmade, each one of my curves is perfect. I never leave the house without my red pumps, which give the illusion of even longer legs. I heard that the Montreal Burlesque Festival will be held this coming September. Perhaps I'll attend a dance workshop to further enhance my figure.

JLR - It's so wonderful to meet a sunglass who radiates such confidence! Thank you Ms Bocca for your time.

BOCCA - Thank you!

Face à Face

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