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by Sherif Laoun

Nothing Seems Clear Anymore.

photo via 20-20 vision perfection

You’re on the other side of forty and you’ve noticed that newspapers have been using paler ink—they’ve gotta cut somewhere, what with the internet and all. And that’s it; you’re no longer going to let your children use your phone. They both deny playing with the brightness settings, but you know better.

Well, maybe it’s not the ink, and maybe it’s not your children fooling with your settings. Maybe you’re developing a mild case of presbyopia. Maybe you need to correct your near vision.

Presbyopia? Near vision? But I have perfect vision! Just last week I was able to tell a long eared owl from a tawny owl…at a hundred yards! Well, that’s not where the problem is. Your problem is seeing close up, and it’s a natural devolution of the human eye.

The part of our eye that allows us to focus at different distances is the lens of our eye. It’s a cartilage-like substance that flattens (its natural, relaxed state) when we look far away, and thickens the closer we look. In our forties, the lens tissue loses some of its elasticity, making it harder to focus up close.

Oh no! What terrible news! I love reading, my job is staring at a computer screen all day and I love to crochet! My life is over. Don’t worry, there are simple tools that will help you live a full life of reading: eyeglasses. Fifty Shades of Grey or Anna Karenina (or why not, both).

For solutions, call Georges Laoun optician at 514 844 1919 (Our Saint-Denis store) or 514 985 0015 (Our store in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts building).

Come back next week to learn more about solutions available to you.

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