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by Sherif Laoun

Notre Home

Many people ridiculed David Hodges and The Honest Family’s song Notre Home as well as the $20 000 that went into recording the song and producing the video.

The goal of the song, no matter its artistic merit, is to say that we are happy to live in Quebec , no matter our origins or the language we speak. The Minister responsible for Montreal, Jean-François Lisée, went on the talk-show circuit to support this affirmation; on Radio-Canada, on the CBC’s Homerun and elsewhere he said the same thing: Anglophone culture and communities are and will be part of Quebec.

Never have $20,000 had such an impact; not only do the funds give a hand to young artists and artisans, but also, the message would not have gone as far had our government spent thrice the amount on regular advertising.


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