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Interview with Meghan Lands

Meghan Lands

With Cartoonist Meghan Lands' first solo exhibition in full swing (opening night: Tuesday, October 8th!), I took some time to get her views on drawing, animals and, of course, eyewear. Read on!

JLR  You're rarely seen without your sketchbook and pen. How would you describe your relationship with these items?

ML  My sketchbook and something to draw with serve a few functions. They give me something to do with my hands and a way to busy myself if I'm waiting for something or find myself otherwise idle. They also act as kind of a buffer between myself and the world, which is useful to me as an introvert. Most importantly, it's a place where I can draw without worrying about outcomes. When I draw in my sketchbook I'm looking for shapes or patterns that interest me, marks that feel good to me. Those are the seeds that turn into ideas for stories or pictures.

JLR We've noticed an abundance of stylish eyewear in the work you chose to exhibit in our space (we approve!). Did you have a particular affinity for spectacles before exhibiting at an optical dispensary?

ML I've always loved glasses and often wished I needed glasses. I'm pretty sensitive to light so I'm never without a pair of sunglasses. As far as drawing is concerned, glasses are kind of a quick way to get across certain aspects of a personality or attitude.

JLR Animals appear as recurring characters in your drawings. What's the deal?

ML I've always gravitated towards animal characters and animal content. I think like a lot of North-American children of the 80's I grew up really surrounded by anthropomorphic animal characters, and I think to some extent I'm just a product of that environment. That said, it's also something kind of personal and profound for me and it's become a really key aspect of my work. I'm always trying to give myself permission to make the work that feels interesting or germane to me and animal characters have become a big part of that.

JLR Llama or Wildebeest?

ML  Llama.

JLR If you were an animal, which would you be and why?

ML A penguin: I have nubby limbs and I am concerned with the needs of the group.

JLR Fill in the blank: "If I weren't an artist, I'd be ______."

ML Bored. 

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Meghan Lands

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