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by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, o.o.d

Interview with Susan Pepler

Have you seen the weather outside? The snow, ice, slush

Flowers? Yup! Among the lovely paintings by Susan Pepler (adorning our MFA shop until January 3rd) are stunning floral bouquets in multitudes of vibrant colours. A perfect antidote to the frost settling over the city of Montreal.

Between sending off invitations and setting up a first-class show, Susan Pepler found a few moments to speak with me about her art.

JLR Your website greets us with concise catch phrases to accompany each of your series: ‘ Invest in flowers that last forever […] Spread those wings and fly […] Need a little Zoom Zoom in your life? […]” If you had to caption your life at the moment, what phrase would you use?

SP “Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like it's heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain


JLR Your works have a way of evoking memories by attracting the viewer to a moment in time. This moment is often represented by an object: a teacup, a flower… something fleeting and delicate. Tell us more about nostalgic influences in your painting.

SP My painting is influenced by beauty really, more than nostalgia. Perhaps that's why the works evoke such good memories and feelings. The subjects, everything from flowers and vintage cars to butterflies and swimming pools - are all chosen for their beauty and elegance, both of which are timeless.


JLR What is your favorite word?

SP “Beauty”. Close runner ups … “Colour” and “Joy”. (La Beauté … Couleur & La Joie)


JLR Given the opportunity, name one person (real or imagined) who you’d like to have one of your paintings. What would you paint for that person? Which room would you hang it in?

SP Actually, I’m given that opportunity all the time. The people who have my paintings are the people I’d like to have them. They choose the subjects they love and hang them in any and every room … from hip and cool kitchens to grand Victorian living rooms. I adore my clients and am so pleased with how they’ve placed their “Pepler” paintings. What more could I ask for? You can see some of them in the rooms section of my site.


JLR Complete this sentence: "I am at my most creative when I am __________."

SP … out in the world, whether it’s right here in my neighbourhood, or all the way over in Tuscany, and I can actually see things … “in paint”. I love my job.

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