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Take advantage of exclusive offers and activities September 4 and 5, 2015!

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We all come from Africa - Group Exhibition

Exposition - Le Mois d'Histoire des Noirs

For the fifth consecutive year, Georges Laoun Opticien presents and exhibition in celebration of Black History Month. The 2015 edition features the work of several artists: Frantz Louis, Diane Savoie, Leonardo Nahuel Blazek-Cardini, Gerda Crepsac, Aberki Khadouj, Alexandra Rabota, Marguerite Dorion Noura Bensaid, Arifur Rahman, Gader Eskander, Alla Zagorodniuc-Scoarta and Joseph André, chosen by curator Joseph André, president of L'Espace d'expressions et de création.

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LUST Atelier Sucrée - Pop-Up Shop

LUST Atelier Sucrée - Thés

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Black History Month
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