Eyeglasses & frames

Eyeglasses are precious tools to see the world with precision, but they have also become astounding fashion accessories. Georges Laoun Optician presents a wide choice of eyeglass frames that will appeal to all tastes. Our Montreal shops offer the top brands for all ages.


Come see these beautiful, original, exuberant and refined eyeglass frames, shown in our wide and accessible shops. We are also sunglasses experts. No matter what your prescription says, we have the frames to perfectly complement your style. Because we have always kept abreast of technological innovations, progressive lenses, hi-index (thin) lenses, non-glare coatings and the most precise beveling and edging technology are invariably made available to you at Montreal Georges Laoun Optician.


We know how important it is to love one's eyeglasses. They are a major addition to your style, especially if you consider how they can compliment the shape of your face. We do more than just make glasses : we will guide you in choosing one or more eyeglass ou sunglass frames based on your prescription, the way your face and head are shaped and your personal tastes. Your glasses will be the best glasses.


We offer a wide selection of eyeglass and sunglass frames for women, men and children. Discover frames with bold and polished styles, for an exceptional appearance with frames designed by the most influential designers in the world of eyewear. The style and performance you need join forces for a better vision and a remarkable look.

Choose the eyeglass frames you like in one of our Montreal stores and protect your eyes with the multiple choice of sunglasses. More than a style statement, sunglasses are essential to the health of your eyes. Every day your eyes are subjected to UV rays, which can lead to damage in the near and long term. Sunglasses block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays.

In addition, polarized sunglass lenses absorb and filter out unwanted light rays, allowing you to see enhanced details and color contrast while having better depth perception and glare reduction. Ideal for driving, sunglasses also have the advantage of protecting your face from the early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. In fact, prescription sunglasses makes you squint less.

Kids sunglasses

The vision of your child must also be taken seriously. Their developing young eyes absorb three times more UV radiation than adults, and their capacity to filter these rays is also lower. Prescription sunglasses offer both a better vision and a better protection against UV rays for those you love.