Georges Laoun

My greatest accomplishment is my family.
- Georges Laoun

The Saint-Denis shop

The Museum of Fine-Arts shop

Georges Laoun Opticien and the Montreal Museum of Fine-Arts had already collaborated on several exhibitions promoting the Museum’s shows at the Saint-Denis shop. But January 2nd, 1999 saw the beginning of a partnership that continues to this day: the opening of a new shop in the landmark building designed by Moshe Safdie, by invitation from the Museum. It was a natural partnership, particularly pleasing to the artists who have shown their works in its great spaces.

Georges Laoun and the arts

The arts and support for culture are an integral part of Georges Laoun Optician’s business plan and mission. Exhibits, vernissages, performances, installations as well as a nuts and bolts participation in helping artists from the stage to their studios have earned Georges Laoun respect and gratitude as well as many hommages and prizes. The 1993 Arts-Affaires award given by the city of Montreal and the Raymond Hnatyshyn Performing Arts Award bestowed by the Governor General of Canada in 2006 are two of the important honours received by Georges and Sherif Laoun.

Tone, painter
Bubble Girl, (detail)
January 2011


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